What is a Chainmail Dress?

When was the first time you heard about chainmail dresses?

Was it during a literature class on the armory of the medieval era knights?

Or maybe while searching online for a trending dinner outfit for your next birthday party?

Regardless of how…

It’s quite easy to guess that you’ve probably seen many chainmail dresses displayed in online stores and you want to know more about it.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about chainmail dress, its history, its resurgence in the modern time and how to select the best chainmail material in case you finally decide to try it out.

In recent years, chainmail dress – often associated with party and casual outfit – has garnered an incredible A-list fanbase cutting across different sections of the society, ranging from fashion icons and Hollywood celebrities to female political figures and just anyone looking to experience the feel and fit of the material.

But to an average eye, it might be difficult to see why this dress is gaining such a tremendous level of acceptance in today’s pop culture.  

So, what’s chainmail dress?

Chainmail dress is reminiscent of the 3 BC protective armor made from interlinked metal rings and worn by regular soldiers, knights and warriors during the medieval era.

Although each successive generation since the medieval times seems to have had their replicas of the historical chainmail dress, not since 2017 has so much chainmail been seen.

The clothing has now become the go-to choice for the body-conscious celebrities who flaunt a variety of chainmail dresses at dinner parties, OSCAR award nights, and more.

The modern version of chainmail dress comes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You can get a full-length chainmail gown with a wide neckline or a chainmail mini dress with features ranging from a wrap front and front slit to a plunging neckline and adjustable wide straps.

Chainmail dresses combine the versatility of cloth with strength of steel to create a unique experience and vibe that linger in people’s memory for a long time. In short, it’s about making an impression and stepping out in your best self.

Chainmail dresses have been featured in the media and fashion magazines in recent times, creating exciting historical fashion moments, and the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon.

What’s The History of Chainmail Dress?

Chainmail was a type of flexible armor made of metal rings linked together in a well-defined pattern to form a mesh. Chainmail was a common military robe predominantly used between the 3rd century BC and the 16th century AD in Europe, Asia and North Africa. A coat of this nature is often called a hauberk, and sometimes a byrnie.

The word ‘chainmail’ is formed from a combination of two words – chain and mail. ‘Chain’ refers to a series of metal rings interlinked into one another to make a protective ligament. ‘Mail,’ on the other hand, is derived from the French word “maille” which means “mesh of a net.”

Medieval armorers made significant improvements on the early versions of chainmail by fabricating mail separate from cloth or leather and by interlacing the rings, which were held firmly by welding or riveting.

The chainmail was worn alongside other protective fabrics by soldiers and warriors in historical times. A hood, fitted under a helmet, was used to protect the head and neck. Soldiers also wore padded undergarments to shield them against injuries.

By the 12th century, mail or a mesh of a net was fitted to feet and legs, and to hands in the form of gauntlets or mittens. Later in the 14th century, plates were added to increase protection for breast and back. This led to an evolution that created a complete plate armor that displaced mail.

Chainmail Dress In The Modern Time



Often referred to as cold, hard mesh, chainmail dresses have undergone considerable evolution in the present world. Unlike the classical military equipment of the Arthurian period, modern chainmail dresses are hewed in different styles, shapes and designs to reflect the sophistication of today’s fashion.

But make no mistake: chainmail isn’t the first type of historical fabric that finds its way into the modern fashion trends. In fact, it neither has the seductive feel of lace nor the delectable admiration of silk. It’s cold, hard and heavy, yet somehow, its appeal is irresistible.

So the question is, why?

Attractive, admirable and legendary, the chainmail dress has set tongues wagging since its first resurfaced in the 90s, when Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell showed up in dashing Versace chainmail mini dresses. A few years later, Noughties icon Paris Hilton recreated the look and feel in 2002, wearing a skimpy version of chainmail dress to her 21st birthday party.

Fourteen years later, the chainmail dress managed to recapture media attention in 2017, and this time around, through Michelle Obama. The former first lady of the United States was completely adorable in a gold Atelier Versace version during the outing for the final dinner of her and Barack’s administration.

In 2019, world supermodel Kendall Jenner rocked an elegant $9,000 LaBourjoisie version of chainmail dress for her 21st birthday. A year earlier, Emily Ratajkowski was roped in one when she attended Paris Fashion Week SS18 season, outclassing everyone in attendance.

Other household names like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Jourdan Dunn have also at one point or the other beamed a spotlight on chainmail dresses, making it a dress identified with class, beauty and affluence.

With the current trend and the growing admiration for chainmail dress, it’ll continue to be the dress of choice for party season.

What Are the Different Types of Chainmail Dresses Available?

If you are looking to add some extra glitz and glamor to your outlook to give a trendier appearance, it might be a good idea to explore the different types of chainmail dresses that suit your dressing needs and tastes. Here are some really nice chainmail dresses to give a shot:

Sterling Silver Plated V Dress

The Sterling Silver Plated V chainmail dress has a shiny outlook that makes you look gorgeous and wrapped under its awesome mesh. It comes with a sweet and plunging neckline that has straps that are easy to adjust that give some style and flexibility to wearing it.

What’s more? It has a cowl lower back which provides a stunning peer backed with an easy to adjust feature.

The Vamp

Want to rock and slay at theme style parties?  You absolutely cannot go wrong with ‘The Vamp’ chainmail dress. The Vamp has a sweetheart neckline you can rock on any evening event with class. In addition, this dress comes with a draped skirt woven with crystal mesh chainmail for a stunning look that leaves a lasting impression.

The Golden Muse

You can spice up your outlook with a glossy and fancy ‘Golden Muse’ chainmail dress. This dress type gives off a shiny appearance that make heads turn towards your direction at any event you grace because it is such a delight to behold and people cannot help but marvel at its beauty. If your goal is to shine like golden pearl at your next event, then adorn yourself with the ‘Golden Muse’.

Want can you combine it with? There are some cool mesh straps and a lovely neckline that add a touch of refined look to this chainmail dress.

Gun-Metal Athena Dress

The “Gun-Metal Athena Dress” is perfect for people who love something classic and cool. The chainmail dress comes with a cowl draping on the neckline and lower back designed with adjustment support.

Its crystal mesh straps are lined with real lambskin leather and embellished with black satin piping for a gorgeous outlook.

18k Gold Plated Athena Dress

If you love gold and want gloss in your dressing, then you definitely should give the 18k Gold Plated Athena Dress a shot. You will have the cowl draping on the neckline and lower back to enjoy an awesome cut.

The 18k Gold Plated Athena Dress is a blend of crystal mesh straps and lined with real lambskin leather. Additionally, the dress comes with a classy gold satin piping that gives it a renewed embellishment.

There you have them, some of the different types of chainmail dresses you can try for different occasions and kill it, without doing too much. Look chic, cool and classy in any of the chainmail dresses you decide to go with.

How Much Does a Chainmail Dress Cost?

Like any type of clothing, there’s no one universal price for chainmail dress. The price will be determined by a variety of factors, ranging from the material, size and the version of the chainmail dress you want.

Ready to get your metal on? Check Delourier today for a rich collection of chainmail dresses for all occasions.

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